Traffic Sucks

Traffic sucks.  We just spent a week in Cape Cod.I could have saved a fortune on gas by walking; I would have gotten there the same time.  Well – I exaggerate, but it’s nice to have something to bitch about where I have plenty of company.

When we gave up and took a dinner break at a rest stop that we finally, finally got to (first a bathroom break — (there was no room for another man standing at the side of the road – definitely one of the ways I eny men – women must have  been in agony)  Anyhow, I’ve never found it so easy to have conversations with people.  All you had to do was say, “wow – that traffic” and you were friends.  We were smart, planning on stopping at New Haven and sitting by the waterside, eating chicken Caesar salad, so when we gave up at 8PM and made it to MacDs, we had good food with us.

Seriously, it took 10 hours to take a 5 hour drive.  And then, one week later, we came home and found out what bad traffic really was.  I found out later that New York, New Jersey and Connecticut had passed emergency legislation, declaring Rt 95, Rt 287 and the Garden State a temporary parking lot.  We left our place at 10AM and got home at 9PM.   Nine P M!!!

Fortunately, our wonderful and glorious daughter had sushi and chinese shrimp $ brocolli waiting for us.  We did not eat in a tense spot at all, merely peed.  So we survived on almonds and raisins. 

Next time I will arrange to travel starting at 8AM both directions.


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