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Crowning Glory

June 7, 2008

Last night I decided to have a snack at bedtime, a few almonde, raw, shelled, delicious.  I was savoring each bite when I bir down on something hard – too hard.  I worried at it for a few seconds, making sure all the almond were bone from it before I spit it out.  I felt a tweak of resentment at the health food store for selling this flawed almond.  But when I spit it out, it was a tooth!  Mine?  I felt nothing.  My tongue discovered nothing – at least not then.

Finall, I moved my tongue around to my top leftmost tooth.  It wasn’t there!  Only the ragged aftermath of a crown on top of a long ago root canal.  I really couldn’t feel it until I brushed air this morning.  Now it keeps getting in the way of everything, a crowning achievement.