About Michael Lipp


About Michael

Michael Lipp, CEO of 1st Class Coaching, LLC is devoted to inspire and empower people to live fulfilled lives in harmony with the earth.

Michael’s clients say that his biggest impact is that he keeps it simple and yet they accelerate their accomplishments.

You can learn more about Michael and his courses, coaching programs, and ebooks, at his website. Click on http://www.michaellipp.com/contributioncoaching/signupplaying.htm to visit Michael’s website and get his free Report “A Satisfying Life in a Hurry Up World”.   His motto is

“Live the Life You Deserve”
438 Connecticut Avenue, Hamilton NJ 08629
Information: 609 586 9598

 I keep other blogs going: Creating Today is a daily creativity journal, contribution coaching reflects my website.  This blog reflects the other 1/2 of my site and my fourth, Michael’s articles, is for stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else.  Obviously I like to write.

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