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A Fly on the Ceiling

August 20, 2007

I’ve written of my granddaughter’s aversion to insects.  Today there was a fly on the ceiling and she came  and asked me to kill it.  I was babysitting at the time (or she would have asked Daddy, of course.)

My interpretation was that she was lonely and this was a good excuse to have me keep her company.  I’ll never know if that interpretation had anything to do with reality, but I noticed that I often act on my interpretaion rather than what’s said.  I suspect we all do…

The Swimming Pool

July 16, 2007

I wrote about watxhing my granchildren in the small, round, side-of-the-house swimming pool and about how amazed I was at their casual and continual creativity.  Today it was just me watching Diamond (my sparkling 6-year old).  Diamond always gets what she wants.

Sometimes I don’t like her methods, but they are always effective.  “Always” gives me a clue.  Nothing interferes with her focus… her intention manifests.  I learn from her.  I should have her as a guest on Wednesday’s Teleseminar on The Law of Attraction (7:30 EDT — register on  The universal source makes no judgements – She only has to grow old enough to create her purpose and nothing will be denied her.

I am her foil and she always foils me.  Her favorite quote is “Grandpa, get me …”  And she rarely even speaks out loud – She gets my attention and makes her wishes clear.  Is it that I’m her loving wish-getter or is her intention so laser-like?  I only care for purposes of the seminar.  What do you think?  And how can I train Her?

 Useful Quotes

It is easy to sit up and take notice, What is difficult is getting up and taking action.
Honore de Balzac

Every single one of us can do things that no one else can do – can love things that no one else can love. We are like violins. We can be used for doorstops, or we can make music. You know what to do.
Barbara Sher