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Crowning Glory

June 7, 2008

Last night I decided to have a snack at bedtime, a few almonde, raw, shelled, delicious.  I was savoring each bite when I bir down on something hard – too hard.  I worried at it for a few seconds, making sure all the almond were bone from it before I spit it out.  I felt a tweak of resentment at the health food store for selling this flawed almond.  But when I spit it out, it was a tooth!  Mine?  I felt nothing.  My tongue discovered nothing – at least not then.

Finall, I moved my tongue around to my top leftmost tooth.  It wasn’t there!  Only the ragged aftermath of a crown on top of a long ago root canal.  I really couldn’t feel it until I brushed air this morning.  Now it keeps getting in the way of everything, a crowning achievement.

Creative Communication

June 5, 2007

I took Sadie to the vet today (if you’re new – she is about to be 18 and last week had two seizures – read previous blag.).  What happened was remarkable.  The smallest peculiarity was when I first got to the highway – I made a sharp ramp turn to get on – 20mph for real, particularly with Sadie in the car.  And I was guided by a huge sign that said EXIT 20MPH.  Except it was an entrance.

Animals are telepathic and they communicate.  Sadie was asleep on my bed and I went to wake her to go for a quick walk and then into the car and to the vet.

She wouldn’t go.  She woke and then went back to ‘sleep.’  I called Nancy in a panic – She suggested that I let her stay – and I did.  Then Sockees, the 14 year old cat came into the room (always Sadie’s ‘alpha’ dog territory) and jumped on the bed and, as I told the vet, gave her a free cat-scan.

Then I prepared for the trip by carrying a blanket down into the car, opening the door – then opening the house doors – I planned to carry Sadie down.  But she got up and walked downstairs. [Sockees then zoomed out the doors – for the first time in about a year —  I wasn’t worried – It was clear that she would wait until we got home.]

Sadie bitched some and I carried her the last few steps into the car. 

We started with the Regular vet to gather her current measurements and then the acupuncturists to recommend what we should do… And all her statistics are very normal.  He recommended that we just let her recover her strength – They could find nothing wrong…  We will just monitor her healing

Sockees was waiting when we parked and waited for us at the top of the stairs.

The Law of Attraction is the law.  It always works; we just have to get out of the way.

Useful Quotes

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
Mohandas Gandhi

 Anger is natural. Grief is appropriate. Healing is mandatory. Restoration is possible.
Jane Rubietta

The best way out of emotional pain is through it.

The only way around is through.
Robert Frost

Creative Corner


In a time of plenty
life shifts from the keyboard
to walking the dog,
an oscillation that includes it all.

In here,
modern superman –
sitting by a window that hides all light –
fluorescent man,
fingers connected to the world,
tapping softly – speaking loudly,
heard or not.
The bound man,
tactile-ly enhanced and separated
from a body ever-stiffening in
atrophied oscillation.

Out there,
full moon’s
patterned mosaics light Sadie
darting in and out,
her kind of dog-walk jazz,
a very personal riff
Early spring insects set the texture,
for footsteps echoing
remembered melodies,
far, far from nature,
stretching in released wonder
in times of plenty

Write and Wrong

May 14, 2007

From 2000 until the end of 2003 I kept a spiritual journal – a journal that I tracked my ups and downs in carving a spiritual path.  I’m editing it now to publish on my website – Some of it is garbage, but most of it is valuable – even nice and easy to read. 

This blog (and my next Writing for the Reading ezine from my site) will initiate a similar journal on creativity (mostly mine).  What makes it interesting is the constraints I’ve imposed on myself.  I’m a coach and I’m targeting a constant flow of clients, 6 a week.  Why 6?  Fewer interferes with cash flow; more interferes with my life.

I write two blogs and two ezines and I’m committed to writing at least one article each week.  The combination of these activities leaves me no time for inspiration.  And I’ve never taken a course in writing; my training is two-fold – my reading and years of writing.

So looking at creating will surely be interesting to me – and hopefully, to you.  I’m going to publish this journal a year from now. 

In last week’s posting I spoke about a basic idea I have about creativity – I analogize it to punning… combining something from one place and using it in another to produce an incongruous result.  So I titled this write and wrong.  If this were about ladders, I might have titled it write and rung which, for a punster is a multiple pun.  But what that really is for me is that in using language, everything I know is often available.  So you may groan.

                                                          Useful Quotations

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.
A.A. Milne

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.
Albert Einstein

It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all.
Edward De Bono

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.
Erich Fromm

                                                                Creative Corner

Sometimes a day in May
Is as rare as a day in June
Sometimes a hastily written note 
Is seen as art
Things are known to happen backwards
And things that shouldn’t be just are
Conclusions are foolish
And unavoidable
Yet we see
Again and again
That no chains are
Come join me.